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5 Examples of Great Office Signage

It’s no secret that office signage is an efficient way to keep employees informed. But what too many companies don’t consider is just how far office signage can go in motivating their teams and strengthening company culture.

5 Examples of Great Office Signage that Your Organization Should Adopt

The greatest advantage that startups and unconventional new companies filled with millennials have over most mega-corporations (companies like Google and Twitter have already caught on) is a sense of togetherness that rigid traditional companies are struggling to match. That’s something that can be fixed, though, with the help of office signage—particularly digital signage.

In today’s world, workers expect the advantages that modern technology provides, so incorporating digital signage in your workplace, first of all, is key to maximizing your team’s productivity. It will provide you with a fresh new way to get your employees’ attention. Then you can deliver the motivational messages that will let them know you appreciate their hard work in ways that resonate.

With that said, here are five examples of great office signage that you can adopt using a network of digital signs.

Cut Back on Cluttering Emails:

Let’s face it, no one likes getting a barrage of emails daily when the majority of them aren’t even necessary. Digital signage allows mass notifications to be displayed in your office for all to see without the need for hounding emails or distracting pop-up notices.

Digital signs can also double as digital bulletin boards, allowing employees and management to make contributions straight from their desk. Making it easier for your staff to contribute any information they want will help enhance company culture and engagement.

Strengthen Internal Communications:

Having quick access to live data keeps everyone on the same page no matter what they’re doing. Digital signage can broadcast the information that team members need, when they need it, so they can utilize it to make the best decisions possible.

For industries that rely on information that’s subject to frequent change, digital signage can be a gamechanger. Not only can you display live analytics, but scheduled meetings, general announcements, news, and more can all be added to your dashboard.

Employee Recognition:

Making sure that your team members feel like their time and effort is fully appreciated is essential. That’s why it’s becoming more and more popular these days to show thanks with internal office signage.

Achievements, landmarks, anniversaries, and birthdays are all prime opportunities to showcase your team member and let everyone know they’re doing excellent work. If you have an employee of the month or daily sales leaders, you can feature their name on your internal signs for all to see.

Regardless of when you give your employees a shoutout, make sure it’s thoughtful and well considered. The last thing you want is to display their information and leave out some of their biggest accomplishments.

Lobby Signage:

When visitors arrive in your building, the first thing they need to know is how to get to their destination. Wayfinding provided by digital signage is an easy way to direct visitors that will leave a great impression, and we don’t have to tell you how important first impressions are.

With the convenience of digital technology helping them along as soon as they arrive in your entrance, that will already have a sense that your brand provides all the conveniences that it can—not to mention the fact that they won’t get lost.

Visitors can access a digital directory at the touch of a finger, and a map that highlights the exact route they need to take to reach the place they want to go. You can also use entrance signage for advertisements, announcements, check-ins, and much more.

Meeting Room Signage:

For scheduling purposes, interactive digital signs are an ideal solution. They can be updated in real-time, they prevent booking mistakes, and even help utilize slots for no shows through automated rescheduling.

Inside the meeting room, having something visual to interact with is crucial to making the most of your session. Digital signage’s dynamic nature allows team members to interact with it simultaneously—a big advantage over projectors and traditional signs.

Making the most of your meetings and conferences with digital signage is an excellent decision because engaging with staff members through interactive digital signage will reduce the amount of disengagement and encourage more input.

Use Cases: Corporate Spaces and Council Office Signage:

Put simply, the benefits of internal office signage can be reaped by just about any organization—whether it be a large corporation, a growing business, or a governing body. For companies that deal with sales, digital signs offer a major advantage by delivering relevant data instantly at a glance. KPIs and real-time figures can be accessed easier than ever before.

Council office signage keeps everyone on the same page for any specific project. Council members can use digital signs to post updates, provide useful content such as images or videos, or use it as a tool to discuss strategies and explore possibilities. Groups can use digital signage to analyze data, get feedback on various items within a project, and much, much more.

Adopting a network of digital screens for your office will allow you to take employee engagement to the next level. Digital signage’s dynamic nature makes it an ideal solution for a wide variety of problems—including keeping employees engaged, productive, and closer together as a team. And in this day and age, that’s become an absolute necessity.

If you feel your office could benefit from some modernising with digital signage, then get in contact with the experts from Enplug.