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Mirror content from your personal device to an Enplug Display


The Enplug ScreenCast app allows you to mirror content from your personal Windows 10, Mac OS, and Chrome OS device to an Enplug connected Display. This allows for wireless casting to a local screen in a meeting room or office or even the ability to cast to a screen on the other side of the world if you were having an online remote meeting.

It means you can share your personal content to the screen with ease without the need to find cables or adapters (that always seem to be wrong or missing).

Use Cases

  • Customer Display
    Update customers on wait times, their place in queue, latest specials, new products, current news and more by casting your screen to a nearby display.

  • Wireless Streaming
    Share your screen to a local Enplug Display to get everyone on the same page.
    Cast to a screen in an office on the other side of the world for a remote meeting.

  • Share a Tutorial
    Teach by sharing your screen with others. From using the printer to accessing the backend of a website or reading statistics, ScreenCast enables real-time communication to be shared anywhere at any time.

  • Provide Feedback
    Share feedback online. Use ScreenCast to share your screen with remote workers and go through feedback.

  • Make a Sales Pitch
    Develop a sense of trust and connection with the customer, showing off your product on an Enplug Display and make use of this digital space.

  • Share a Video
    Product demonstrations, how-to guides and step-by-step processes can all be shared.

Supported Devices

Cast From Personal Devices: Windows 10, Mac OS, and Chrome OS
Cast To Enplug Platforms: 4K Device, Windows Player, Web Player (Content URL)

Detailed Setup information

Enplug provides a complete easy to use setup and information guide to make setting up and using the casting app as seamless as could be.



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