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Digital Signage for Healthcare, Doctors and Hospitals

Making your healthcare facility as modern as possible is extremely important nowadays—especially with the current pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s essential to leverage the latest technologies in order to keep everyone on your premises safer.

Not only that, healthcare digital signage enhances internal and facility-wide communication. With digital signs set up in various areas of your hospital, clinic, or treatment center, you’ll have a more productive, better connected, and overall more efficient facility.

Best of all, acquiring and installing a digital signage network is cheaper and easier than you might think. In recent years, digital signage has gotten a lot more cost effective than it used to be. Let’s take a closer look at what clinic or hospital digital signage is and how it can benefit you.

What Exactly Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage consists of a series of interconnected screens that broadcast custom, pre-made content for various purposes. A typical digital signage system is made up of a set of screens, a media player, and cloud-based digital signage software solutions. This software can often be used for content creation as well as content management, although free content creation software such as Canva can often be integrated.

The various forms of digital signage include:

  • Touch screen kiosks
  • Wall-mounted or overhead screens
  • Touchscreen tablets
  • Video walls
  • Outdoor signage

How Can Digital Signage Be Used in Healthcare Facilities?

The benefits of healthcare digital signage are numerous. Here are just some of the many ways that it can be used to provide better service for patients and visitors, assist staff, and make things run much smoother all around.

Wayfinding with Digital Signage

Wayfinding should be made as easy as possible for patients and visitors. Once they set foot on the premises, they should be directed to their destination without any snags or frustrating delays, like getting lost or not knowing which department to go to.

Digital wayfinding sets patients and visitors on the right path as soon as they arrive, with a digital directory, digital maps outlining their route, and even details about what to do when they arrive.

And during a pandemic, proper guidance of patients is your first line of defense against spreading the virus in your facility.

Self-Check-in Kiosks

Streamlining patient check-ins is a major time saver for staff. Not only will all information be clearly legible as opposed to those done in handwriting, but filing and storage are effortless—as is accessing needed information on the fly.

Registration and check-in forms can even be offered in multiple languages, making your facility more culturally conscious.

Thirdly, contact between patients and staff can be limited with check-in kiosks, keeping everyone involved safer.

Waiting Room Digital Signage

Long waits can sometimes be inevitable, but perceived wait times are very much something you can influence with waiting room digital signage. Digital signs can be used to inform, educate, and entertain patients while they wait to see their doctor. Information such as their place in line, the time of day, and any other relevant info can be displayed bright and clear, giving aggravated or uncomfortable patients a chance to step outside for some fresh air, or visit your cafeteria or vending machine for a snack.

Important information relating to their ailment can be delivered through your waiting room digital signage, prepping them with facts and some basic answers before they see their doctor. Then, they’ll use less of your staff’s time inquiring since some of their questions will already have been answered while they were waiting. This can help increase patient flow.

Lastly, keeping patients entertained is a key component of the waiting room. Digital signage’s flashy nature is eye-catching enough to keep their attention provided you have high quality content to offer. Adding news tickers, social media posts, and other additional content into your broadcast is a great way to mix it up while providing value for their waiting time.

Lobby Signage

Greet patients and guests with eye-catching digital screens that offer the info they need right at the start. You can manage their expectations by displaying comforting images of staff showing how much they care, relieved patients who are in good hands, and supportive family members at their side.

For smaller clinics, rapport between your staff and their patients can be front and center, alleviating any doubts about whether or not they’ll receive friendly service or treatment.

For digital signage for doctor’s offices, vital information about their visit, appointment, or your facility can be delivered in a timely manner. That way, they’ll know everything they need to know upon entering your office or facility.

Hallway Signage

Whether they’re placed overhead or along walls, hospital digital signage in hallways is a great way to deliver information to passersby within your building. Wayfinding, information about the ward they’re entering, advertisements, or pretty much anything you would like to show patients, visitors, and staff can be broadcast in your facility’s corridors.

Digital Signage Enhances Healthcare Practices

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at where healthcare digital signage can be placed in your facility or office and why, let’s talk more about how digital signage content can be leveraged to benefit your healthcare practice, and how it should be included in your healthcare marketing strategy.

Promotional Content

Digital signage’s bright, attention-grabbing nature is ideal for spreading the word about any new services, facilities, or products you might have. It’s also ideal for third-party ads, providing you with a great way to gain some more revenue while supporting businesses in your community.

Awareness Campaigns

Whether it’s breast cancer awareness month or a local blood drive, hospital digital signage is the ideal tool for making campaigns known. You can even include QR codes or social media tickers to help get people involved.


Attracting donors is essential for just about any hospital or healthcare facility, so using the most effective methods for garnering support is crucial. Current donors can be thanked on a digital donor appreciation wall, and links or QR codes can be provided for on-the-spot contributions from patients, visitors, or patrons who support your fundraiser’s goals.

Garner Brand Loyalty

Since all of your digital signage content can be branded seamlessly, viewers should see your brand along with any content you provide. That way, you’ll be able to foster more support and loyalty for your brand with brand messaging and powerful imagery.

Gather Data

Touchscreen kiosks, QR codes, and digital forms can be used to gather and extract useful data from a wide range of users. You’ll then be able to process and leverage that data to offer more curtailed services to a more targeted audience.

Which Healthcare Practices Should Use Digital Signage?

In short, any healthcare or treatment center could benefit from a digital signage network. Digital signage for doctor’s offices, hospitals, cosmetic surgery clinics, dentist’s offices, oral surgeon’s offices, medical campuses, and both private and group healthcare providers can use digital signs in a wide variety of ways to enhance their services.

Digital signage can be used for internal and external communications in just about any office or facility to deliver important messages at a glance. They’re dynamic, easy to manage, and extremely effective.

If your facility is missing out on the benefits of digital signage, it’s never too late to get started. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you figure out the best ways that you can enhance your services with the flexible power of digital signage.