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Enplug’s Digital Signage Tools Help Users Navigate COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Challenges

Digital signage is a critical platform for sharing health and safety information during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, the corporate world has changed almost overnight. At Enplug, we’ve seen our customers in non-essential sectors rapidly transition staff to a work-from-home model. At the same time, customers in healthcare, grocery, energy, manufacturing and essential industries are adopting new hygiene and distancing requirements.

COVID-19 digital signage hand washing reminder on a clinic wall next to a nurse
Enplug’s free COVID-19 digital signage templates share important health and safety information

We’ve heard from all our customers that new digital signage resources are essential for navigating the challenges of this crisis. The ability to remotely deliver and display important safety information ensures updates reach employees instantly for swift compliance and prevention.

That’s why our team responded with powerful new tools that streamline communications for both remote employees and essential on-site staff during COVID-19.

Digital signage tools for communications during COVID-19

Whether your highest priority is effectively managing your remote workforce or stepping up internal communications to protect your workers on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis, our resources help you manage the complexities of this new workplace reality. As our team continues to release new resources, we’ll be updating the list below.

COVID-19 Awareness App

Enplug customers can instantly deploy our COVID-19 Awareness App. Quickly share important messages on hand washing, disposable glove use, hygiene etiquette, symptom advice and workplace disinfecting techniques. For companies with remote work policies in place, we’ve included content that features useful work from home tips. For essential businesses, we’ve included signage on modified operating hours and procedures. Use our priority scheduling to override default local content with COVID-19 messaging.

Library of free COVID-19 signage templates

Our informational poster designs with hygiene and health advice are free to use. Anyone looking to share important communications during the coronavirus outbreak can download them. All posters are available in both landscape and portrait orientations. We’ll be adding more content to download as the situation evolves.

Enplug’s Content URLs with Screensaver

Enplug’s Content URLs make it easy to share information across remote teams. There are two ways to set up employees with in-home digital signage. Emailing a unique URL to employees enables them to automatically display content full-screen on any laptop, desktop or mobile device. You can also direct staff to add the URL to our downloadable Windows screensaver.

Guide to Creating a Coronavirus Communications Plan

Our blog post highlights how to develop a successful internal communications strategy. Enable your employees to understand what to expect from company leadership and how they can stay safe and informed.

Best Practices for Managing Remote Employees

Is your team working from home for the first time? Or are you looking to better engage with existing remote employees? Our blog post shares three management best practices that will keep employees engaged and productive in both situations.

Digital signage metrics dashboard on an employee laptop while working from home during coronavirus
Enplug’s Screensaver and Content URLs enable digital signage in remote employee homes during COVID-19

Popular Enplug Apps our customers are finding valuable during COVID-19

Zoom App: Use the Zoom App to broadcast live events and presentations to multiple screens. For example, remotely deliver an executive address to staff at multiple locations thanking them for their hard work.

Emergency Alert App: Instantly deliver visual alerts to quickly notify viewers and keep them safe. For example, broadcast updates to shelter-in-place orders and other important public health mandates.

Daily Health Tips App: Share health, wellness and fitness tips to promote workplace wellness.