Commercial Transparent LED Displays

With options for impressive digital displays ever-increasing as technology advances, it is little wonder that LED displays have followed suit. We’ve come a long way from the original LED screens first seen in the late 60s. With commercial transparent LED displays now leading the way, businesses have access to unmatched advertising displays that offer maximum visual enticement.

Whether used indoors or outdoors, transparent LED Displays are a fantastic option for businesses wanting to stand out. For professional support in setting up a commercial LED display screen or any other digital signage display, Enplug is the team, you can trust. 

How do Transparent LED Displays work?

A transparent LED display or transparent glass led display works by combining traditional LED technology with a transparent screen substrate, enabling white pixels in an image to appear nearly invisible. This means you can in effect see through the LED display itself.

Through this innovation, these displays can be used in place of a large-format LED wall display or seamlessly behind glass panels. Giving advertisers enhanced flexibility in their marketing and creating a truly show-stopping display.

Transparent Glass LED Display Applications

With a vast range of commercial led display screen options available, Enplug makes it easy to find the ideal solution for your business. Transparent LED wall displays have several options for application.

The screens themselves offer anywhere from 70%-95% transparency and with individual panels as slim as 10mm it is simple to integrate them with existing glass storefronts or as a stand-alone feature.

So where can you use these LED screen transparent panels for the best effect?


As already mentioned, commercial advertising display screens are increasingly popular for indoor advertising at storefronts or within shopping centres as they do not block natural light. They can also be used with great effect in exhibition halls, hotel lobbies or indoor sporting arenas.

For indoor use, they are particularly impressive as their transparency allows passers-by to be captured by the advertising while still allowing them to see beyond it into the store behind. What better way to entice your customer than by advertising a new product and having it visible in real-time directly behind the image?

Semi-Outdoor Sheltered Environments

Transparent LED walls look exceptional when used as glass curtain walls on the side of office buildings, in airports, shopping centres and other large areas with partial protection from direct sunlight.

Create show-stopping imagery or video wall displays for special events, advertise or simply ensure your building stands out for all the right reasons. Visibility is essential for brand name awareness and nothing achieves this quite like an innovative transparent led display can.  


Usage of a transparent LED light display advertising board in full outdoors is less effective during daylight – though this can be remedied somewhat through brightness adjustments. 

Come nightfall, however, your outdoor advertising led display can be successfully implemented for any number of settings. Including outdoor concerts, fashion or art events –  offering dazzlingly bright, eye-catching displays. 

Why Choose a Transparent LED?

Transparent LED offers so many added benefits when compared with other digital signage display systems. Consider:

  • No loss of natural light when placed behind existing windows which also helps areas feel more open and inviting.
  • Makes use of existing spaces without creating damage or requiring extensive modifications.
  • It is lightweight and simple to install. Their quick installation makes them ideal for pop-up/short term locations such as exhibitions or concerts.
  • It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, being LED these panels have a long lifespan and require less electricity and remain cool.
  • Can save building or store owners money on alternative lighting thanks to its brilliant and bright display.
  • There is minimal maintenance associated with these LED screens’ transparent panels.
  • They can be made to fit any area size and their slim panels do not impede the surrounding space.
  • Allows for flexible, dynamic advertising that can be updated easily as needed.

Simple, Scalable, Superior

If you feel your current digital signage display is lacking or that a transparent led wall display could be well suited to your needs, Enplug can assist. With years of experience creating showstopping digital displays for our clients, we have the knowledge and skill needed to deliver your business the attention it deserves. 

We can customise your advertising led display board panels to any size or specification ensuring you never miss an opportunity to leverage valuable advertising space. We also support you to create the ideal combination of features for a perfect set-up. 

These include industry-leading security features, comprehensive screen monitoring (so you never miss an outage), automated content feeds for simplicity, seamless collaboration features and unlimited users and data.

Its advertising display screens (LED) but not as you know it, take your commercial led display to all new heights with Enplug.