Landscape TV Displays

Getting started with digital signage doesn’t have to be a costly endeavour. You can begin by repurposing a TV you already have lying around your office space, as long as the tech meets the minimum requirements. It’s the perfect way to test the waters of the digital signage world, to determine just how effective this digital solution is when it comes to marketing, internal communications and customer satisfaction. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to your digital signage display and how they work for your business.

TV for Business

Before you dive into using a TV for your digital signage needs, it’s important to determine that you have the tech required to support. When it comes to digital signage solutions, here’s what you need:

  • The displays: TVs work well, depending on the intended use.
  • A digital signage solution: Enplug’s software can be used to connect your display. Our intuitive management, automated content and seamless multi-location control enable you to effectively take control of all your screens.
  • The right connectors that allow for this remote access to take place. The great thing about Enplug is that it works on any TV that has an HDMI input (which is most!).

Once you have all of this, your TV can effectively be used for digital signage to display any content you require.

Most TVs aren’t designed to run all day. In this case, commercial digital signage displays are the best option, offering up more features. With this in mind, a TV makes the perfect digital signage solution when it isn’t needed for prolonged periods. One of the biggest benefits is the digital TV cost. Here’s the different types of TVs you can use for your digital signage needs.

Touch Screen TV for Business

Touch screens are the perfect solution for your business needs. They can be used for a whole host of applications, including:

  • Wayfinding: a touch screen TV for business is the ideal way to help your customers and clients navigate their way through your building to find where they need to be. Electronic signage can make it much easier to find their way.
  • Menus: touch screens also have the ability for customers to order their own food in restaurants and cafes.
  • Directories: touch screens are commonly used in shopping centres to help customers navigate different stores in the area. An interactive digital TV can help customers find what they need even faster.
  • Information: touch screens can also be employed to help customers find vital information about our business. They can navigate through screens to find the answer they’re looking for, saving your business manpower and cutting costs.

Digital Signage Monitor Displays

Digital signage monitor displays come in a huge range of options for your business. Consider this a jumping point for your own research, detailing two of the most popular options many businesses look at.

Commercial LED Displays

A commercial LED display great for those who need a reliable display that can run for many hours of the day and be able to take advantage of additional features like controlling operating hours through HDMI-CEC or a serial RS232 port. They are designed to operate 24/7 without overheating, offering up great colour and durability to get the return your business needs. They often work well for video walls and other large displays that rely on good quality pictures.

Interactive Digital TVs

You can turn any touchscreen TV into an interactive touchscreen with our Enplug software. Whether you’re looking to improve your presentations for clients, or simply offer customers a more interactive way to communicate with your business, an interactive digital TV screen is the perfect solution.

Digital Menu Software for TV

Want to make it easier for your customers to order food from your menu? Digital menu boards are the perfect solution. They enable you to change content both quickly and easily as often as you like. For example, if a dish has sold out, you can simply take it off the menu, rather than dealing with frustrated customers. It’s as easy as that. Plus, if you have an offer or special promotion you want to share, you can get it out there straight away. There are so many advantages that come with this form of communication.

Digital Signage Solutions

Case Study: Go Energy Financial Credit Union

Go Energy sought out Enplug to help achieve various branch marketing objectives, including: efficiently creating and rolling out in-branch marketing materials; building awareness for product offerings & promotions with credit union members; promoting social media & digital products; and building familiarity between the Go Energy Financial team and credit union members.

Thanks to our software, Go Energy discovered the value of:

  • Utilizing in-branch marketing materials
  • Building awareness for product offerings & promotions with credit union members
  • Promoting social media & digital products
  • Building familiarity between the Go Energy Financial team and credit union members