Indoor Touch Screen Kiosks

Digital technology is rapidly changing the way we interact with our customers on a daily basis. Businesses now have more opportunities than ever to interact and engage with their ideal customers, without even leaving their desk. A free-standing touch screen kiosk is the perfect solution for all your business needs, giving you the upper hand on your competition. Touchscreen solutions offer a number of advantages from providing signage, information and more, to enable your customers to get answers to their questions faster than ever. Here’s how a touch screen kiosk display has the power to transform your business.

What Is A Touch Screen Kiosk?

Thanks to touchscreen solutions, you can now leave your employees to focus on their jobs at-hand that are essential to your business operation, while the kiosk acts as a substitute. Let’s face it, many customers hate the idea of someone jumping in their face the moment they walk into a business for some information.

An interactive digital signage kiosk gives them the answers they need on their own terms. It’s a win-win for both the business and the customer.

Here are some of the different ways you can put your digital touch screen to use:

  • Provide real-time communication updates.

Digital signage solutions

Digital signage touch screens provide digital signage to help your customers navigate your office space and/or building. With just the touch of a screen, they can navigate their way from your reception, through to the other side of the building with its interactive signage display. This is not only handy and informative for your customers, but it also frees up your employees who would normally be interrupted from their work to provide this essential information.

Providing customers with information

Another great use of sharing information about your business and its services. By ensuring your touch screen kiosk interface design is extremely user friendly, you can leave your customers to navigate their way through the different screens to find the information they need. They can discover more about your products and or services, and you have the ability to sell to them without even lifting a finger.

Sharing real-time information

Is there going to be a long wait for your next customer? Do you have a sale you want to share? Did someone share something exciting on social media? With a touch screen kiosk you have the ability to share real-time information with your customers and reach them in the moment. This will see a huge boost in your sales and communication, providing such instant feedback and connecting with customers on a whole new level.

Setting up your free standing touch screen kiosk

A free standing touch screen kiosk has the advantage of being able to be put in any space within your business – or even outside if you choose. When it comes to setting up your indoor touch screen kiosk display or outdoor touch screen kiosk, there are a few things to keep in mind.


First and foremost, consider where you are going to set up your touch screen kiosk. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? What’s the lighting like in that spot? Make sure you adjust the contrast and picture settings accordingly to ensure your customers can still interact with the touchscreen kiosk at all times of the day.

Kiosk LCD Touch Screen Navigation

Less is more when it comes to information on your touch screen kiosk. While it might be tempting to fit in as much text as possible onto the screen, this will only overwhelm your customer and leave them unable to find exactly what they’re after. It’s a lost opportunity. Instead, keep the text nice and short and allow your customer to navigate their way through the information by clicking on buttons that take them to new screens. This puts the control into their hands, allowing them to self-guide their way through the information to find what they are after.

User interface

Make sure your kiosk is nice and user friendly. Here are some things to consider:

  • Are the colours used uniform?
  • Is the text easy to read?
  • Do the buttons look like buttons? Are they easily recognisable? Are they big and easy to click?

The user experience is very important when it comes to this sort of technology, so make sure you’re set up to appeal to the masses.

Ready For A Demo?

Now you know the power a touch screen kiosk has to transform your business, it’s time to get started today. Get in touch at Enplug and we can set up a demo to show you just how your business can benefit today.