Commercial Projector Software Solutions

Commercial projects offer up a range of functions, lending themselves to several uses from the everyday conference presentation and 3D project mapping to interactive advertising and large events. A digital projector is the perfect way to get your message in front of the right people at the right time, while also working with the ambient lighting settings of any room it is displayed in. Discover just how to use a commercial media projector to fulfil a range of different purposes.

Projector Display for Advertising

When it comes to advertising your business, getting your name out there is key. A commercial media projector is a useful way to advertise your company name and/or logo, new products or services, events, or campaigns wherever you like – the wall, floor, ceiling, or any other service available.

It’s an effective way to ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time, no matter where you are.  From trade shows to shopping centres, offices, hotels, bars and more, there are no limits to where your message can be displayed for optimal results.

Say goodbye to the traditional video screen and embrace the ability to share your message wherever, and whenever, to capture the attention of your target market. Using a projector for advertising signage is the perfect way to get your business out there and making waves.

Wireless Software Control

When it comes to your projector display, wireless software control enables you to update your message in real-time, no matter where you are. If you have a screen set up in your local retail store, head office has the ability to change the message on the digital signage display without stepping foot in store. Promote that latest offer, share just-in news and keep customers updated, all with the click of a button.


There are many benefits that come with wireless software control:

  • Ability to update project commercial theater projector in real-time.
  • Save on resources through remote operation. No-one needs to be onsite to make the necessary changes.
  • Update marketing campaigns to reflect your current audience to maximise your efforts.


That’s not to say there aren’t limitations that come with this technology:

  • Communication between your projector is less secure and more open to interference.
  • If a problem does arise, it has the power to interfere with your entire marketing campaign.

Digital Signage Display Options

A laser light projector in Australia doesn’t have to act as a standalone marketing tactic. In fact, it works well in conjunction with many of our other digital signage solutions, particularly:

  • Combine a project with LED signage to cover different messages. Projectors work well for displaying logos, business name and sales, while LED signs can share live social media updates and more.
  • At your next event, use both a Jumbotron digital signage display and a projector to reach the most attendees possible. While your project can change spots and float between wall, floor and ceiling throughout the event, the Jumbotron can remain as the key message display.
  • Digital display offices are one of the most effective ways to communication with employees and clients. Use them to keep people up-to-date with latest company news, before wowing clients with a presentation using your projector.

If you’re stuck for content to display on your screens, remember, the world is your oyster. We have a number of apps to take the stress out of your marketing campaigns and ensure you’re always connecting and forming relationships with your clients. These include:

  • Update clients and employees on the latest news & entertainment, including sports center, art, Google tends, traffic and more.
  • Stuck for ideas? A live Twitter or Instagram feed is the perfect way to connect with your audience. Use our social media app to create the ideal display.
  • Improve your internal communications through the use of different apps, from Teams to Geckoboard, Directory and more.

Installation + Startup

Installing a digital projector is a fairly straightforward process.

Step 1: Work out where you want to display your content. Your projector should be situated opposite this. For example, if you’re using a wall or a screen, then instal the projector on the opposite wall.

Step 2: Choose where to install your projector. Once you work out where it needs to go, you can decide between mounting on the wall, or ceiling, depending on your preference.

Step 3: Secure the bracket. Projectors are usually installed using a bracket and screwed into place. You want it to be nice and secure, as a broken projector can set you back!

Step 4: Turn on and use straight away. Simply connect to Enplug for secure and flexible content delivery that you can take advantage of straight away. Manage your access, including user roles and permissions, while ensuring your data is stored securely. Get to work on creating content that conveys your brand message.

Projectors In Action