Video Wall

Video walls are the perfect way to make a statement for any business in both a corporate and retail setting. Add the ‘Wow’ factor to your advertising message, while ensuring it reaches as many customers as possible. There are two different ways you can display your message on a video wall:

  1. One big image across a seamless display
6 x 6 Video Wall in You Tube Office powered by Enplug
2. Different content on each screen
2 x 2 Video Wall

You have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your business needs and the audience you are targeting. No matter which solution you choose, video wall signage is the ideal way to make an impact. Here’s how you can set up a video display system for your business and use it to control your message.

How Does a Video Wall Work?

Multi-screen message has the ability to reach even more customers than ever before with your marketing message. Video walls can connect to all other screens in your corporate or retail environment, enabling your business to share a targeted message:

  • Update clients of waiting times.
  • Showcase your latest products.
  • Share your social feeds at an event.

With Enplug’s superior technology, streamlining your marketing message across multiple screens is now easier than ever. Plus, it has huge advantages for your business. Here’s some of the features you can enjoy with our software:

  • Can’t decide between the two different types of video walls? You can switch between both!
  • Update your marketing message in real time.
  • Display different messages across different screens in your offices.
  • Update key messaging remotely.
  • Keep customers updated with any time sensitive changes.

A video wall is one of the most effective ways to share this information. Here’s how you can set one up in your business.

How to Make a Video Wall?

Setting up a video wall is even easier thanks to our advanced technology. Let’s start with the one seamless image across the video wall. Here are the questions to ask along the way:

Step1: What configuration do I need?

Firstly, you need to know how many displays you want to make up your video wall. This comes down to choosing the right configuration for your needs.

Configuration 1: keep the number of screens for each row and column the same, for example, 2×2, 5×5, 8×8.

Configuration 2: mix up the numbers of screens in each row and column, for example, 1×3, 3×4.

1 x 3 Video Wall

3 x 4 Video Wall

Step 2: What is a video wall controller?

In order to operate your video wall, you need to have screens with built in tiling or a video wall controller. If using a controller then it will connect to each of the displays individually through an HDMI cable. The job of the video wall controller is to split up the large image into the correct sizes and sections to be effectively displayed across your video wall.

If you’re wanting the one image across all the screens, then you need to break up the image so part of it is displayed on each screen to make up the larger image.

Take a look at the features of your controller before making a purchase. Things to look out for include refresh rates, mask edging and the ability to rotate images. It’s about weighing up your budget with your needs to decide which controller is right for your business.

Step 3: How to control a video wall?

Controlling a video wall is easy with Enplug’s superior technology. With an Enplug device, you can bring your video wall to life with any stunning content you wish to deliver straight to your audience. We even have the ability to match the player to your screen configuration.

  • Enplug 4K Device: this is the best option whether you’re setting up the same number of columns and rows with your screens, or if you’re setting up a different number of columns and rows with your screens.’ we can match the device to suit.

Using the Enplug dashboard, you have the ability to manage all your screens no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re wanting to update the information on one of the screens, or across the entire video board, it’s nice and easy to do with Enplug’s easy-to-use dashboard. You have the ability to:

  • Schedule content
  • Preview live content
  • Monitor your numerous devices
  • Filter social media apps for displays

How to Make a Video Wall With Different Content?

The second type of video wall to take a look at displays different content on each screen. This means you can be displaying different marketing messages all at the one time.

One screen might be sharing wait times for customers. Another is showing off your latest products. Another is feeding in any social mentions. Customers can flick between the screens to take in the information they need.

Here are the questions you need to ask when setting one up:

Step 1: What configuration do I need?

Just like the seamless displays, you need to determine the best configuration for your message.

Step 2: How to connect Enplug?

There’s no video wall controller needed for this type of wall display. Instead, you simply connect an Enplug device to each screen with an HDMI cable.

Using Enplug’s dashboard, you can now select what content you want displayed on each of your individual screens.


If the screens have a tilling function you can simply connect 1 device and use Enplug powerful Zoning App you can run different content to each screen or even share content across multiple screens all controlled from the Enplug Dashboard

How Much Does a Video Wall Cost?

The costs of a video wall are largely dependent on a number of different factors:

  • The size of your screen will factor into the overall price of the video wall. The larger the screen, naturally the more expensive it will be.
  • One screen or multiple screens will also factor in. If you’re opting for just one continuous screen, it’s going to be more expensive to purchase and to set up.
  • The pixel pitch is one of the most expensive parts of a video wall. It describes the density of the pixels and how they relate to the resolution of the images. A smaller pixel pitch is better for closer viewing, however for a video wall, you want a much larger pixel pitch.
  • When you’re looking at an LED wall, the subpanels are one of the most expensive parts. They project the light into the back of panels and are determined by the quality of the LED diodes. The better the quality, the better the image.

Enplug Video Wall Solutions

Video walls are the perfect way to create a statement and get your brand out there. If you’re ready to dive into the world of video walls and see what a difference they can make, then get in touch with Enplug today. We can help you work out the exact equipment you need, what style of video wall will work best for your needs, and get you started on this exciting journey.

Simply sign up for a free trial today.