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A revolutionary tool reshaping patient experiences and hospital operations.

Quite simply, there is no better system for managing your digital signage to elevate your patient and visitor experience. From the plug-and-play installation for all HD displays, to the intuitive management dashboard and high-level of local support.

How Digital Signage Works


There are many varieties of digital displays that are used to enhance the patient and visitor experience in hospitals and healthcare clinics. From digital directories, interactive wayfinding, internal communications, emergency alerts and even broadcast TV. Paired with our Enplug digital media players and content management platform, makes for the ultimate healthcare digital signage solution that will allow you efficiently manage your display network and to scale with ease. Speak to our sales team to find out more about the incredible range of custom display options available for restaurants.

Connect Your Digital Media Player

Your digital signage content needs a device that will deliver the images and video to your display. Enplug uses a simple, yet reliable plug-and-play device that just needs power and ethernet or WiFi to run the Enplug software and then to be connected to a HD display via a HDMI cable. Need the device to operate from anywhere? We also have 4G options available as well.


To deliver the graphics or video you’ve created to your display device, you will need to upload it via a content management platform. Here’s where the true power of Enplug comes in. The ability to manage the uploading and scheduling of your digital content across individual screens to large display networks has never been easier than with Enplug. Our platform allows users to curate, manage and monitor their content remotely, in real time. No more USB sticks. No advanced technical IT know-how required either. We can also provide remote support should any issues arise.

CREATE AND LAUNCH Your Digital Content

Finally, you need to design the content you want to display on your digital signage, be it the daily meal menu or a digital directory, it needs to be designed and created specifically for your display device. Making sure the format is suitable for aspect ratio and orientation. The great thing about Enplug is that the platform supports a myriad of the most common image and video formats including JPEG, PNG, MP4, AVI and MOV. There are also a range built-in signage design tools with WYSIWYG functionality and templates available to work from to create your own designs. With the Enplug App Marketplace you can even import design from Canva or just load a website. So, whether you’re a graphic designer, marketing professional or own your own startup business, there are many simple and easy ways you can generate your own signage graphics with Enplug.

How Can Digital Signage Be Used In Healthcare?

The needs in hospitals and healthcare clinics vary greatly depending on the characteristics of the business, and so too the options for displaying content for digital signage.


These are often used in healthcare for displaying important clinic information, advertising medical products and promoting medical services and are mounted vertically against the wall using a metal wall bracket. Portrait-oriented displays are considered more aesthetically pleasing since they occupy less space than horizontally mounted displays and are capable of running 24/7 or scheduled to operate during open hours. The commercial grade means that in addition to their continuous use, they can also be placed in well-lit areas due to their high-brightness.


Touchscreen kiosks provide all the perks of a standard commercial portrait displays with the added benefits that interaction and mobility can provide. The touch-enabled display gives users the ability to interact with websites and online forms, potentially for sign-in apps or any custom app using the Enplug app marketplace. The stand is also mobile and can be configured with castor wheels, so the device could be easily moved from the reception desk to a waiting room.


A high-bright commercial display that is suspended from the ceiling using a steel pole. These displays are easy to configure once installed and are suited to popular public spaces in council facilities as they are positioned high up above the crowd. Being a commercial TV display, these types of display are easy to configure remotely and provide access to many commercial features such as brightness detection, on/off scheduling and can run at UHD 4k resolution 24/7.


A high-bright commercial display that is commonly mounted vertically inside a metal shroud, then suspended either to the ground or ceiling using a steel pole. These displays are easy to configure once installed and in most cases are positioned facing out to the front window of the store. Being a commercial TV display, these types of display are easy to configure remotely and provide access to many commercial features such as brightness detection, on/off scheduling and can run at UHD 4k resolution 24/7.


Combining four commercial grade displays in a daisy-chain 2x2 configuration mounted to a wall with a wall bracket, that provides bright, hard-to-miss experience with loads of visual impact. This can be run from a single media player sending a 4k UHD image so there’s still plenty of detail despite the sheer scale of these display configurations.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Hospital Settings

Digital signage offers numerous benefits to hospitals, specialist healthcare clinics and general practice clinics. From conveying important healthcare advice to wayfinding at larger facilities, digital signage can improve the overall experience that patients receive that ultimately lead to better healthcare outcomes.


Using digital signage in waiting areas, thoroughfares and patient rooms provides a great opportunity to display important patient care information such as discharge instructions, promote additional services and products that the hospital, suite or clinic offer and convey any relevant policies and procedures.


The benefits of digital signage extend to the staffroom as well. Wall mounted displays can be used to deliver internal communication easily, such as critical updates to training and safety protocols, patient and shift schedules and even emergency notices. Enplug enables also the staffroom content to be mixed with external newsfeeds, birthday notices and staff social events to keep staff engaged.


Digital signage isn’t restricted to just being a static experience. Fixed and mobile kiosks can be installed with a touchscreen layer that allows for interactive maps and wayfinding applications. This can be offered through a simple web-app or completely customised application.


A digital signage network is also a powerful way to display health tips, disease prevention information, and educational videos, helping patients and visitors make informed decisions about their health which ultimately contributed towards better health outcomes.

TV broadcast entertainment

Using the zoning app, available through the Enplug Marketplace you can still pass through the TV signal and section off parts of the screen to run internal advertising and promotions, whilst still providing engaging broadcast television content for patients and visitors. *Requires specific media player.

Empowering Staff with Digital Communication Tools

Depending on the type of healthcare provider, whether a hospital, specialist suite or general practice clinic there are many options for displaying content for digital signage.

High Performance Player

Power seamless content experiences with Enplug’s Nvidia High-Performance Device. Tested against top industry standards, our hardware offers reliability, compatibility and 4k support - all in a sleek profile.

Connects To Any Display

Quickly connect the Enplug Device to a multitude of display types; from freestanding touchscreens, stadium jumbotrons, ceiling-mounted LED tickers to transparent shop-front LED window displays and any HD display in Portrait or Landscape orientation. Our media player device also works with most custom resolutions and LED displays; contact us to learn more.

Works Online or Offline

Your screens will never go down, even if the internet is disconnected. Content is updated via WiFi or ethernet and stored on the device in case the internet is disconnected. Once the internet comes back on, the device automatically connects and updates your content.

Enplug App Marketplace

Access a myriad of free, easy-to-setup and manage apps to deploy content to your digital signage from our App Marketplace. Enplug links to all major social platforms for instant and dynamic content for your displays and makes it incredibly simple to add new and interactive content every day.

Advanced Monitoring

Get a bird’s eye view with interactive device maps or dig deep with status updates and live key metrics on device health. Our system is monitoring the status of your network and recovers it from connectivity issues seamlessly.

Local Support

Experience top-class technical support from local Enplug experts during normal business hours Australian Eastern Standard Time. Support is available through the Enplug ticketing system, email or over the phone with most enquiries resolved within the hour.

Get started with Enplug Digital Signage for Healthcare

Check out some of these great package deals on digital signage for your healthcare. (Available Australia and New Zealand Only.)


AUD $363 ex gst*

Device only. Delivery & installation not included.

Includes HDMI cable Includes power adapter. Plugs into any display.

24/7 Operation



AUD $892 ex gst*

Hardware only. Delivery & installation not included.

Commercial display for continuous operation.

24/7 Operation



AUD $1,183 ex gst*

Hardware only. Delivery & installation not included.

Commercial display for continuous operation.

24/7 Operation


AUD $3,658 ex GST*

Hardware only. Delivery & installation not included.

Commercial display for continuous operation.

24/7 Operation

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*Excludes license fees.

Featured Healthcare Projects

Here are just some of the well-known venues that rely on Enplug to deliver content to their digital signage.

Type :

Healthcare Signage

Brands :

Friendly Society Private Hospital

Description :

Utilising digital signage in a range of different locations and varied content types throughout the hospital, Friendly Society Private Hospital take advantage of everything that Enplug digital signage have to offer. From wall mount displays in the cafe, to a multimedia honour wall, pharmacy promotions and advertising to displaying important care information for patients and visitors.

Type :

Healthcare Signage

Brands :


Description :

Healthcare Signage ABCO The Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists utilise Enplug’s display solution as the ABCO Info Box to deliver educational eyecare information and product promotions to their network of member optometry clinics across Australia and New Zealand. Clinic owners are also able to create and host their own content using the Enplug dashboard.

Our Clients’ Success Is Our Success

We have thousands of Enplug digital display devices operating interstate, nationally and internationally for a range of respected global brands.