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Our Favourite Small Business Digital Signage Solutions

It’s no secret that the ongoing global pandemic has altered the way businesses operate, with many forced to pivot with the changing times. COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of communicating with your customers quickly and effectively. Digital communication allows for a seamless workspace that meets the needs of both your staff and customers, while being able to maintain effective social distancing measures under the current climate. Digital signage limits the need for face-to-face communication, which is essential going forward. Here are our top 5 favourite digital signage solutions for small businesses.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Digital signage can be adopted so effectively to share vital information with customers. Highly-visible displays can be utilised in a number of different settings to update customers on how long they will be expected to wait. For example, in a medical centre setting, it allows you to show patients where they are at in the queue, reducing their anxiety and negating their need to constantly check in with the front desk about when their appointment is. This limits the amount of contact front desk staff have with the patients, keeping everyone safer in the process. 

Likewise, in a quick-service restaurant, digital signage can let customers know how long their food will be, or how long until a table is ready for them. Once again, it results in less person-to-person contact and helps alleviate any stress customers may be feeling about the unknown. This in turn results in positive feelings towards your business and its service.

Provide Entertainment

In the age of smartphones and everything available at the press of a button, we are used to being kept entertained at all times. If you run a small business that entails people sitting to wait, for example at a massage parlour or even a retail shop that gets big queues, using a screen to offer entertainment offers many benefits. It stops customers from feeling impatient about waiting, allowing them to relax and enjoy what is on the screen. It is also a chance to communicate with these customers, to apologise for delays that are longer than normal, so they are left with a positive experience with your business.

Better yet, you can engage with your customers by sharing your story. Letting them in to see the personality behind your brand helps them establish a deeper connection with your business. This can also include sharing how you are giving back to the community in the process. You can entertain and inform at the same time.

Another way to go about it is to delve into a social media competition. If people are waiting in queue, they have some spare time on their hands and may be all too willing to enter if the incentive is good enough. Getting them to share a post and tag your brand offers lots of exposure for your business and is great for customer engagement at the same time. 

Showcase Your Products

No matter what industry you are in, the ability to showcase your products to engaged customers at all times is a highly profitable bonus. While in the past a simple sign in the window of a nail salon was enough to show the services you offer, with prices, products and services constantly updating, the cost of being able to create new graphics, print signs, have them delivered, then hang them up isn’t justifiable. This is why in many places you see numbers crossed out and replaced, or content added in pen, which takes away from the professionalism of a business. 

This is where digital signage comes in. It offers a completely flexible alternative that allows you to make changes, update pricing, change the images and even flick between content to show your customers the full range of what is on offer. This means if you are having a sale, have updated your product offering, or even have new products and/or services to show off, these can be added to your signs straight away without any hassle. It is both modern and effective, providing valuable marketing solutions to your business.


Digital signage can become an integral part of your marketing campaigns. You can go beyond simply showcasing what you offer and actually encourage people to buy from you. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. Firstly, you can highlight any promotions you might be offering. Whether it is buy one get 50% off in a kid’s shoe store, or 15% off store wide in a retail fashion store. Having this clearly displayed for customers to see acts as a great drawcard to get them into your store and browsing. Plus, think of all the time it can save! No more printing sale signs, hanging them up and positioning them for customers to see. In fact, you can test a number of different promotions, updating it daily or weekly and seeing which one gets better results.

When you don’t have to design, print, post and hang your own physical signs, the doors open to much more effective marketing campaigns. You can trial different methods, and receive real-time feedback on which ones are most effective. With just the press of a button, you can change your campaigns to meet consumer demand and give your business a competitive advantage in a busy market.

Choosing Your Digital Signage

When it comes to choosing a digital signage solution, you need to make sure you find the most professional and cost effective solution for your business. Enplug is scalable to grow with your business over time, so you won’t need to spend more down the track trying to keep up with changes. You can access it from anywhere, and make changes while sitting on the beach and enjoying a peaceful holiday. It is also really easy to use and available in 20 different languages, allowing you to reach all your customers and appeal to the largest market for your products and/or services. From communicating with your customers to offering affordable marketing solutions, digital signage solutions have a multitude of benefits for your business.