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What Is The Difference Between Touch Screen and Traditional Displays?

Thanks to the ever-advancing nature of technology, businesses now have the ability to market themselves in a number of creative ways. From LED signs outside your office or shop to touchscreen displays that enable customers to interact with your business, there’s so much potential when it comes to getting your business name out there and connecting with those who matter. Of course, one question we get asked a lot is: what is the difference between touch screen and display? They are simply two different ways you can showcase your business, and both have their advantages.

Touch Screen Technology

We are all aware of just how touch screen technology works these days. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. Believe it or not, you have probably used one recently without giving it a second though.

Here are some examples of where you can currently see touchscreen displays and the advantages they have for businesses.

  • Shopping centres: have you visited the information screen at your local shopping centre lately? These are all controlled by a touchscreen and so easy to use. Simply type in the store you’re looking for and the directions will come up. Easy!
  • Food outlets: Many restaurants, especially fast food ones, now have touchscreens to help you order. A classic example is McDonalds. You can scroll through their menu, select your items and pay for it all in the one place.
  • Hospitals: another place where you can find your way around thanks to touchscreen technology.
  • Museums: ever visited a museum and taken part in one of their hands-on exhibitions? Many of these include the use of touchscreen technology, allowing you to interact with their displays.
  • Gyms: every played with the touchscreen in front of you while walking on the treadmill? From listening to music to watching TV or tracking your workout, these are very handy.

Touchscreen technology is also perfect for businesses looking to offer a personalised solution to their customers. It’s a chance to connect with them while they’re waiting to speak with you, keeping them engaged and learning more about your business in the meantime. They don’t take away from face-to-face time, but they do help keep customers happy and cared for while your staff are busy. It’s the perfect solution with plenty of long-term benefits.

Traditional Displays

Knowing just how amazing touch-screen technology is and the benefits it can have for your business, it brings into question whether traditional displays are simply obsolete?

This is definitely not the case. Traditional displays serve a different function altogether, but still have their merit. When it comes to touch screen vs traditional displays, many businesses actually work with both at the same time.

Here’s some examples of how traditional displays are being used:

Real-time updates: These traditional displays are being employed across a number of industries to keep customers informed of wait times and more. For example, in your doctor’s office, a traditional display can show you what place in the queue they are up to.

Advertisements: traditional displays can also be used as a multimedia billboard that cycles through curated digital advertisements. They can also be used in an office to advertise their own business. You have the freedom to update that advertisement as you see fit, anytime you like.

Internal communication: long gone are the days of sending out an office email. If there’s something important coming up, digital displays can be used to tell your team about the next meeting, holidays, team drinks and more.

Enplug’s Software

Now that we know just how amazing both touchscreen displays and traditional displays are, you can see why so many businesses choose to use a mix when it comes to their marketing efforts. Here at Enplug, we have helped streamline that process thanks to our advanced software. No matter whether you’re using a touchscreen or a traditional display, our software can be used across both.

This means you can control both screens from our easy-to-use interface to keep things much clearer and easier. All your marketing efforts can be performed using our software, enabling you to update your message as frequently as you like across all the platforms in your business.

It’s a one-stop solution that enables you to control one or more displays with the same content with just a few clicks. There’s no need to create settings or content from scratch – everything is streamlined.

With our digital signage system in place, you can work across all your screens – both touchscreen and traditional. Our software includes:

  • Remote content management.
  • Content scheduling and playlists.
  • Digital signage dashboard.
  • Screen grouping functionality.
  • Content creation skills.

Upgrading Your Message

There’s a place for both touchscreen and traditional displays in your business, and it’s so simple and easy to set up with Enplug. Make the use of technology available to you and put in place a creative marketing strategy that will help you stand out from your competitors. Give us a call at Enplug and let us help you out today.