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Importance of Digital Signage For Schools and Education

Many of us can recall the old school signs, propped at the fringes of the school border, letters being changed by hand with relative infrequency and with minimal detail. With the digital age, signage, like so many things, has drastically changed and for the better.

Digital signage can create an enriched learning experience and share up to date information across your school or university campus. Provide easy and detailed updates about upcoming events or dates, share school and student achievements, holiday greetings and keep everyone safe through easy communication.

Enplug is the full-featured visual communications solution for your business that works securely on any screen. Forget free digital signage software for schools that limits you to a single screen with minimal features and poor user interfaces. Use cost-effective Enplug and enjoy easy, diverse, efficient and engaging digital signage.

Benefits Of Digital Signage

There are so many benefits to installing digital signage. Basic examples of digital signage require significant effort to update and manage content via USB drive or TV digital signage. More advanced technology such as digital display screens for schools allow quick, simple updates, scheduled content, real-time updates on playback and easy troubleshooting. This streamlined approach saves time and money while promoting communication and drives engagement in the school community.

Keeping your students safe is made easier with digital signage also, share updates and have them disseminated to the campus immediately. All content is shared and stored securely to protect your schools privacy. At Enplug, we provide both the hardware and software to set educational institutions up with the most efficient and user friendly signage solution.

Why Choose Digital Signage For Schools And Educational Settings?

Media dominates our lives more than ever. For millennials and school age children, screens captivate their attention faster than any traditional signage can. According to recent research in the United States, teenagers spend around 9 hours a day in front of a screen. Leveraging this audience via a method that they find captivating is the key to successfully sharing information and having it both received and remembered.

Displaying your students achievements in a public forum is also a motivator, who doesn't love seeing their name up in lights and receiving the applause of their peers? Involving your students in the content you display can also help foster community spirit and create educational opportunities in marketing and digital technology.

Updates From Anywhere, Anytime

Need to update your signage during a holiday period and don’t want to go on campus? With Enplug, the secure interface can be accessed by multiple users from any location. Upload images, audio or video and direct it to the required screen from the comfort of your laptop no matter where you are. A digital signage software comparison with competitors quickly shows the elements that set Enplug apart.

Our streamlined approach makes it easier than ever to share dynamic content with your school community. No need for any special hardware, enplug is compatible with multiple devices, simply log in and go. With Enplug’s cloud-based digital signage software, you can update hundreds of screens from a single location with just a few clicks.

Full Schedule? Full Control

At Enplug, we know the school calendar is a busy one and that the best digital signage for schools caters to this. In order to create an efficient and stress-free signage solution our software allows content to be scheduled in advance. Select the content, screen locations, dates and times and simply set it to update on its own.

This feature allows users to more effectively use their time and never miss promoting an important issue, event or update. Creating effective ongoing engagement across your campus or multiple campuses all from the one easy to navigate system.

Updates In Real Time

Don’t wait to be notified about a glitch in the playback by staff or students, our software will immediately notify you of any issues and allow for quick correction. Like all technology, sometimes problems can arise. The remote connectivity feature ensures you’ll have the ability to not only stay on top of these mishaps but correct them easily. 

Our dedicated team is also available to help trouble-shoot any more complex issues. We pride ourselves on quick response times and effective solutions. No need to wait for an expensive IT team to run diagnostics, we handle it for you as part of your subscription.

Your Security Is Our Priority

The online world can be a dangerous place. Ensuring your data and privacy are secure is our biggest priority. In an educational setting, keeping vulnerable students safe from hackers is particularly important. Stop unauthorised content from being streamed to your screens and compromising your schools reputation and commitment to student safety. We employ all the latest measures of security and perform constant evaluations and updates to keep your data safe and hackers out. This also ensures no sneaky student pranks on your scheduled streaming.

Crystal Clear Communication

Not just for digital signage systems for schools we are also suitable for events, offices, hotels, hospitals, retail, restaurants, personal use and more. Use Enplug digital display software with your HD and 4k displays for clearer, more vibrant and effective communication - keep your audience's attention for longer and leave a lasting impression.

Digital Signage Stored In The Cloud

Traditionally, your institution's data is stored on server hardware. With our cloud based solution, not only is your data accessible from anywhere at any time, it costs you less to store. Need to quickly locate and share data with someone new? Enplug makes it easier than ever, no complexities of signing up someone new, simply manage accessibility from within the app with our advanced permissions. And while individual servers can crash, data in the cloud is stored in multiple locations, making it virtually impossible to lose.

Why Choose Enplug?

Enplug is the most innovative and user friendly digital signage software on the market. Digital signage solutions comparisons show just how intuitive Enplug is. The Enplug App Market makes us the "smartphone of digital signage." Want to showcase your social media impact, share business dashboards, stream videos or display scheduling information? Enplug's signage software includes an app for almost anything you want to display. Link your Instagram, YouTube channel, calendar and more to share diverse content easily and keep your signage engaging. New apps that work in tandem with Enplug are in constant development. 

We are adaptable and innovative, we work on the small scale of a single school or campus to cross country and multiple campuses at once. Don't let your digital signage be limited to a single screen or sign at the school gate. Your reach and creativity is limitless with Enplug. Already have screens and don't want the expense of purchasing new hardware? Our device easily connects to any HD screen with HDMI input. Engage your audience with TVs, projectors, and even jumbotrons.

We believe this incredible software should be available worldwide and as a result, it is available in Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Polish, and Japanese. More languages are currently in development. With monthly or annual subscriptions at competitive rates, were the digital signage solution you’ve been looking for. 

Interested in learning more about digital signage for schools? Contact us for a free demonstration today.