Digital Signage for Healthcare

Communicate with patients and visitors by showing directories, health tips, and news.

Graphics and Video

Upload unlimited HD images, videos, and PowerPoint slides to your displays. Promote the services you offer, share happy customers’ photos, show relaxing nature images, and feature health tips to educate your clients while they wait.


Showcase your clients’ recent reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp, as well as your business’ overall ratings. Great for encouraging more customers to write glowing reviews while they’re still in your business and building trust.

Social Media Wall

Show an interactive, filtered feed of clients’ posts to your social media hashtags and accounts on Instagram and Twitter, and posts to your Facebook wall. Moderate posts from any computer or with our free smartphone apps.

RSS News Feeds

Keep your audience informed with news headlines and photos from any major outlet in business, international, sports, tech, humor, or finance. Replace print magazines in your lobby with a technological solution that never gets dirty and dogeared.


Make sure visitors know where to go - without pestering your desk staff. Create a directory that you can update anytime with customizable layouts and color themes for your building.

How can Digital Signage be Used in Healthcare?

Healthcare is an extensive industry covering a wide range of medical offices from the doctor’s surgery through to the dentist or vet. Digital signage has the ability to streamline this experience and make it a more positive one for everyone involved. Here’s how:

Touch-screen portals: patients can bypass the front desk and check themselves in through a screen, limiting the amount of face-to-face contact.

Entertainment: screens can show movies, shows or other types of entertainment in the waiting room.

Waiting times: screens can also display waiting times, which reduces anxiety.

Provide directions: screens can be used to offer direction to help patients and visitors navigate the building.

Staff communication: digital signage can also be used in staff rooms to open up internal communications.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare – Enplug

  • Create a tech-forward environment that reflects your high standards of care.
  • Encourage clients to share photos and positive experiences on your social media.
  • Promote additional products and services to your clients.
  • Keep patients and visitors informed and entertained with healthy tips and news.

Enplug in Action - Examples of Happy Clients

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